On the OtherSide of the Great Wall.

On the OtherSide of the Great Wall.
nebertis Jul 29, 2016 00:10

About 10 months ago, I embarked on a journey to see the greatWall of china.

Folks in my Country tell many stories about the great all of china and this caused a young mind to be inquisitive, The stories told range from how impossible it was to build the greatwall to how it later became a defence mechanism and now the pride of China. On my first visit to China i was 19 yrs old(2015).

I travelled alone, no guidance from my parents and no prior airport pick up was arranged. As this may have may seem to be a poorly planned journey i would urge you hold your judgment untill you hear the rest of the story. Okay, Here i was Finally in china at the Beijing Capital International Airport, so crowded and in the midst of all those new faces, buildings etc, the only  thing i could think of was the GREATWALL of china. Being such an inquisitive boy at the time, i went around asking people how i was going to get to the great wall of china, and now here comes the trouble, i read quite a few expressions in Chinese which at the time i thought was going to be enough for me to find my way through china, to my dismay the first person i spoke to in chinese seemed not to have understood what i said, it was as though i was in the United states and speaking Rusian to the people, i tried several other people and their response was "TIM bu dong" which i quickly crasped since i had heard it from alot of the people that i had asked, not knowing what this meant, i decided i was going to give it my own meaning and this expression simply meant "I/we wont help you". Still filled with enthusiasm i quickly went to the police and asked them how i would get to the GreatWall of China and this time i was now using English. As usual the first Police man i asked reffered me to the next and the next to the other, untill i finally got to one who spoke (Conversational English), Upon answering some of his basic Questions he was suprised at how a little fellow (am now HUGE)  like me managed to travel all the way to china from home. 

He immediately Assigned a tour guide to me at very affordable price, this is when My world blossomed even more, "with the tour guide on my side am going to have the best time of my life" so i thought to myself. We got a taxi and went to see some of the most amazing sites Beijing has to offer, the hospitality, grace, humbleness and willingness to help from the Chinese people was nothing like i had ever seen.

My heart was Filled with Joy and Excitement and i kept sending pictures and texting my mom of how not only how true the stories the Folks told in my city were but also the most amazing parts that they left out from their stories. 

My trip to the GreatWall was such a Great experience, one that i shall live to cherish and remember.

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