A memoirs of my granny

A memoirs of my granny
samchoe2002 Aug 04, 2016 03:10

Every people has their own stories or memoirs to tell. Some are poignant, some are nostalgic and of course some are happy memories.

Today, I am going to share you all a small memoirs of my grandma.  

During that time, I was reading in class three from a well reputed school throughout Lhasa (The Capital of Xizang). The name of the school is called " Lhasa's Number 1 School"(拉萨是第一小学). How I got admitted in that school, I will write in an another post.  Since my Home is about 20 minutes walk from school and I used to goto home to have lunch.

One fine day, while after lunch my grandma escort my younger brother and I to school, on the road, lot of people were crowed over some street market. Usually, such thing happen only during some special occasion or if there is huge discount on something which normally cost you comparatively high amount of money.

After lot of pushing and pulling, I could see lot of beautiful school bags on which my favorite cartoon manga's were tattooed. During those times, Japanese cartoon mangas were very famous and even now a days it's still infamous among kids and even in the youngsters. 

I ask and begged my granny to buy me one and I promised her that I will study very hard and never skip a class if she buy me one (Of course, that was not my first promise neither my last lie). But she was consoling me, if mom come then she will ask her to buy one for me however, I know that mom will never buy it. It's not because my mom doesn't love me or she doesn't care. At that time she was the only person who earns the living so, naturally she knows what is needed and what's not.

All of sudden, I made hue and cry and draw the attention of everyone present over there. I saw many of my classmate was there too. But to get that bag, I felt it's worth it. After sometime, my granny start to check her purse and though I was crying my eyes went along with her eyes in the purse and I saw she got only 7.5 Yuan exactly. I stopped crying and everyone was watching her. She went to the merchant and ask him if he could sell her the bag for 7.5 yuan. Or else she will  pay the remaining money by evening. But that merchant gave her a cold-shoulder and made fun on her and everyone over there was laughing on her. 

At that evening my granny didn't tell anything to my mom about that huge drama but it seems some neighbor complaint about what happend during the lunch break and mom got really annoyed and she whipped me with water pipe on my butt and that evening again went with rather hue and cry :-) To be honest, that evening, I was really very upset neither because my granny couldn't afford me a school bag nor because my mom whipped me, but the way, crowd laugh at my granny and they way, merchant belittled my granny. 

So, I promised that I will never belittle to anybody, even to a beggar. I am going to be rich person and will buy everything my granny and mom wants. But my granny already pass away. My heartache every time when I think of this memory. May be it's a small punishment for what I did to you. 

Dear granny, every time when my heart aches, I will pray for you. I will pray for you a better rebirth and yes, a better grandson..

From your unfilial grandson

- Sam

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Wrote in 2011

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