Passengers traveling on domestic flights in China may soon be able to use their phones in flight mode, as the all-out, infuriating ban is set to be lifted.

All-Out Phone Ban on Chinese Flights to be Lifted 

This will no doubt be music to the ears of mobile-obsessed China dwellers who have long been angered by being forced to turn their phones off completely, even when sat on a runway enduring lengthy delays.

In August last year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) decreed that passengers using their phones on domestic flights could be fined up to RMB 50,000.  

In just one month at the start of this year it is reported that three passengers were detained by police for using their mobiles after being explicitly warned by the crew.

The rules were thought by many to be pointless, as passengers can use their phones in flight mode on most international flights.

However, the CAAC said it was not convinced that switching phones to flight mode blocked out the “potentially harmful signals”.

While there is a general theory that signals from a mobile phone could interfere with the plane’s electric components, there is no evidence of this ever happening.

From next month, Chinese airlines will be able to set their own rules about allowing electronic devices to be used during flights.

They will, however, first have to complete an evaluation and submit an application for approval, so don’t go rouge and start living streaming your flight meal just yet. 

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Flying is a chance to escape from my phone.

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