China 134th for Internet Speed, Taiwan 3rd

China 134th for Internet Speed, Taiwan 3rd

There’s no doubt that China is a global superpower capable of taking over the world, but when it comes to our internet speed, it’s about as fast as a fat man pedaling a rickshaw backwards.

And now we have the evidence to back up the claim. According to a recent report of broadband internet speeds across 189 different countries, China stands at an embarrassing 134th place, right between Iran and Mauritania (don’t worry, we’ve never heard of the latter either!).

Source: Peter Alfred Hess

According to which carried out the research, the average download speed in China is 1.55 megabytes per second. This apparently means it’ll take us 11 minutes to download a 7.5GB movie, which sounds like a dream to us.

The same movie would reportedly take just 25 seconds to download in Taiwan, which came third in the survey behind Sweden and Singapore.

Hong Kong came 9th, proving it’s not only One Country, Two Systems, but One Country, Two Internet Speeds, as well. 

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somethings wrong with this article as it refers to taiwan, and china as two separate countries. your editors need to stop blindly copying and pasting from anti chinese websites like shanghaist. also i have seen speeds of 5mb/s in china. it just depends on who your provider is

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So slow!

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