China’s Tissues and Toilet Roll Fail to Meet Safety Standards

China’s Tissues and Toilet Roll Fail to Meet Safety Standards
Nov 27, 2017 By

Much of China’s table tissues and toilet paper do not meet minimum safety standards, according to a government-led survey.


The quality inspection authority of Jiangsu province found that 10 percent of toilet paper and a third of table tissue is below par, containing banned materials, high levels of bacteria or advertising a higher number of tissues on the pack than is actually provided.

The study sampled 74 batches of toilet paper and 88 batches of table tissue, concluding that seven percent of the former and 28 percent of the latter did not meet requirements.

One unopened batch of toilet roll contained four times the permitted bacteria level, while another brand of table tissues claimed to contain 500 tissues but actually held only 132.

Others were found to contain a banned whitening agent that allowed manufacturers to save RMB 2,000 per tonne of paper.

The worse quality tissues are said to be sold in wholesale markets, some of which offer 80 packs of tissues for just RMB 75.


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