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A Chinese woman who underwent plastic surgery to change her looks in order to avoid paying her debts has been apprehended by police.


Zhu Najuan from the central Chinese city of Wuhan is 59 years old, but looked like a woman in her thirties when police found her in Shenzhen last week, state media Xinhua reports.

Zhu is said to have paid for her surgery using borrowed bank cards. She has debts of RMB 25 million (USD 3.71 million), which she had just been ordered to pay back by a court in Wuhan.

Zhu also confessed to using other people’s ID cards to travel across the country by high-speed train.

China is striving to make credit more available to its citizens as a means of boosting the economy and reducing its reliance on heavy industry.

However, household debt is now surging, having more than doubled in the last 10 years. It is now estimated to have reached 50% of China’s GDP.

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