Chongqing Wants You: Western City Seeking to Attract Foreign Talent

Chongqing Wants You: Western City Seeking to Attract Foreign Talent
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On July 26th, Chongqing’s Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security released their new permanent residence card, or “green card”, for foreigners. The move is an attempt to attract more foreign talent to the west China megacity .


The permanent residence card is the legal document which allows foreigners with sufficient qualifications to permanently settle in mainland China. A member of the Entry and Exit Bureau provided a brief introduction, stating that Chongqing’s new permanent residence card is similar in style to the second generation identification card (Shenfenzheng) and can be read by  Shenfenzheng scanners. It  functions in very much the same way as a Chinese ID card in that it can be used for financial, educational, medical, transport, and accommodation purposes as well as for social security and in courts of law.

The first person to be granted one of Chongqing’s new permanent residence cards is Mr. Yuan, a Canadian of Chinese descent. He told reporters that he married a girl from Chongqing  in 2007 and has been living in the city for the last 10 years. “Chongqing has become my home away from home. Getting this permanent residence permit really strengthens my sense of belonging here,” said Mr. Yuan.

Chongqing has implemented many policy changes in recent years to attract “foreign talents” to the city and help them to gain employment. In April, a Chongqing official put forth the “Swan Goose Plan” (apparently named after a type of fowl native to northern China and Mongolia), in order to curb the shortage of employable individuals in some of the city’s industries. The scheme, which begins this year, hopes to attract 500 foreign talents and organizations every year for the next five years.

Though Chongqing’s intentions are noble, it still can’t necessarily compete with more cosmopolitan cities on China’s eastern coastline like Shanghai or the political center of Beijing. 

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not like anyone cares but the main reason why no one goes there is because there are no freaking jobs in any industrial sector let alone there are enough foreign companies who usually hire foreigners. Chinese companies tend not to hire foreigners and mostly foreigners also don't want to work for them anyways. I would trade shanghai vs. chongqing at any time but almost impossible to find a really high paid job there

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Nice that you're citing your sources.

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