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1 .How do I access my profile?

To access your user profile, first log in--do that here or by placing your cursor over the little person-shaped icon at the top of the scree and clicking “Login”. You will then be taken to the login page and asked to enter your account information. After you do that you will be taken to your profile page.

Note: You can return to your profile at any time by going to the header and clicking on your user name.

2 .How can I edit my profile?

After you have accessed your profile, editing it is simple. Below your profile is an 'Account Setting' button – click it. Here you will be able to change your password,change your location, subscribe to our newsletter and even attach a photo.

3 .What does the ‘Messages’ tab do?

This is where you can access eChinacities’ internal messaging system. You can write personal messages to other users to enquire about classifieds or jobs postings, or just make new friends! Replies can be viewed and kept safe in your inbox.

4 .What are points?

Points are a reward system devised by Users are rewarded points each time they create or update a resume or post a blog. Points can be redeemed for a number of exciting services including job ad subscriptions, finding out which companies read your resume and more!

At present, the points system in our Answers and Dating section are independent from the points system on the rest of the site. Read our user guidelines to learn more about how points work and check your balance under the "My Points" section.

5 .What does the 'My Ads' tab do?

'My Ads' is a record of your currently open adverts. From here you can edit, delete and manage them