Americans Petition Government for Taobao’s Double 11 Sale

Americans Petition Government for Taobao’s Double 11 Sale
Nov 06, 2017 By

With less than a week to go until China’s fabled Single’s Day shopping extravaganza, Americans are working hard to get in on the action.

An article on Wen Xue City, a Chinese news website, reports how the hashtag #wewanttmalldouble11 has been trending across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the US.

The hashtag refers to Alibaba’s Single’s Day sale, dubbed “Double 11” as it falls on Nov 11.

Not happy with the social media takeover alone, however, some bargain hunters have even petitioned the White House to make Nov 11 a holiday in the US and launch a similar day of deals.

The petition points out that China’s online shopping culture is years ahead of that of the US, with people in the Middle Kingdom buying nearly everything over the internet for a fraction of the price.

The petition also states that prices in Alibaba’s Double 11 sale are much lower than America’s Black Friday, the US’s traditional post Thanks Giving discounted shopping day.

Campaigners also urge the US to focus on speeding up delivery before other priorities, such as sending people to the moon.

“Order something online and receive the package a month later is killing me!”, the petition states.

In response to the demand, a savvy Chinese travel company is running trips to China for US citizens desperate to get their hands on Double 11 deals.

The travel package offers a round-trip from New York, seven nights accommodation and the ability to participate in the sale.

The travel agency will then deliver the goods within seven days to addresses in America, using one of their tourist planes to transport the cargo.

Meanwhile, a YouTube video explaining how to shop on Taobao from outside of China has already clocked up more than 100,000 views.

Source: Wen Xue City

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I never waited a month for a delivery at home.

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Heh, heh....Filing Chapter 11

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Seems like wumaos are being put to work for Tmall.

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