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A Didi driver in Zhejiang province, eastern China, saved a suicidal passenger’s life by getting him drunk, according to reports.

The driver, surnamed Wang, picked up the 27-year-old in Jiande on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Qianjian Evening News.

The man, who was already bleeding from the wrist, asked the 40-year-old driver to take him to the highest mountain in the area so he could take his own life.

In an attempt to delay the suicide, Wang pretended he too wanted to kill himself, but suggested the pair have a drink together on the mountain first.

He then bought several bottles of baijiu, and two bottles of beer, the latter of which he drunk and the former of which he persuaded the passenger to drink.

“I have not had alcohol for over 10 years,” Wang told the newspaper. “Last time I drank was at my own wedding. I told the suicidal guy that I broke my rules this time.”

After an hour Wang’s passenger passed out from the drink.

Shortly after, the police rang the younger man’s phone and Wang answered.

They had been trying to locate the passenger since receiving a call from his girlfriend warning that he had threatened to kill himself in the midst of an argument.

The police came and collected the man and took him to hospital, where he was said to be in a stable condition.

Didi has rewarded the driver with RMB 1,000 for saving the man’s life.


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