Chinese Man Gets Free Fish Head for Life After Sinking Car Rescue

Chinese Man Gets Free Fish Head for Life After Sinking Car Rescue
Nov 24, 2017 By

A man who rescued four people from a sinking car in Hangzhou has been rewarded with free fish head for life.

Liu Xinting, who reportedly works for Alibaba, was driving his colleagues to a fish head lunch when he saw a car swerve off the road and into a lake.

Video footage from Liu’s dashcam showed a pickup truck attempting a dangerous overtaking maneuver, forcing the car off the road.

Liu immediately jumped into the water and rescued all four passengers, including a pregnant woman, by pulling them out through the windows.

"There was no time for me to think or be scared, the fastest thing I could do was save lives," Liu told local newspaper the Hangzhou Daily.

Hearing of the daring rescue, Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Development Group, who manage the man-made lake the car plunged into, has offered to foot the bill for Liu to have free fish head for life at the restaurant he was heading to.

You can never have too much head. 

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Can I have the rest of the fish?

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