Chinese children are being urged to be on the look out for spies.

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Two online courses about how to spot spying have been launched by the state-run Chinese Society of Education, according to the SCMP.

The first course, aimed at primary school children, employs a cartoon video showing a boy watching his father as he emails photographs of Chinese warships to a foreign magazine.

The boy’s grandfather then bursts into the room brandishing a newspaper article about spying.

When the boy asks what spies are, the old man replies, “Spies are those sent by enemies to collect information about us. In peaceful times, the information is used to damage our development. In wartime it can kill numerous compatriots.”

The online course for secondary school children utilizes a live-action video showing actors leaking government documents, breaching cyberspace rules and taking photos of Chinese military bases.

After watching the videos, students are then urged to take a quiz about how they can best protect China against the growing threat of espionage.

The official notice released with the material states that China’s National Security Law should be part of all children’s education.

In 2015, two Chinese men were jailed for selling photos of an aircraft carrier to a Japanese news outlet.

In 2016, National Security Education Day was marked with the release of posters showing a cartoon strip of a handsome foreign man seducing a Chinese woman and getting her to spie for him.

If only all our lives were so exciting and romantic. 

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