Two Chinese kindergarten teachers have been arrested in Dezhou, Shandong Province, after allegedly binding toddlers with duct tape.

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A surveillance video of the incident, which is said to have occurred on Sept. 23, has been doing the rounds on Chinese social media.

According to Chinese news website The Paper, the children were all in the second grade and aged between three and four.

Around 12 other children who were in the classroom at the time are said to have witnessed the incident.

The two teachers, pleasingly named Song and Dong, were arrested by local police the following day.

Angry parents hung a banner outside the school, accusing teachers of hitting, insulting and threatening their children.

The Duo Lai Mi Child Education Centre has since been closed after authorities found it had been operating without a license. 

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Ok, so the teachers should not have done that. But meanwhile the same kids are being taught by their grandparents that it's ok to take a crap in a trash can in department store or run around on the subway train disturbing passengers. I know a Chinese family where the daughter has pretty serious behavourial issues due to the fact that the parents apply no code of practice to the child at all. They just let her run amok, throwing things at other kids. Then they smile and say 'So naughty ah'. Sure, Chinese teachers need to learn how to deal with kids, but Chinese parents and grandparents need to learn how to parent the child too. No one is taking responsibility for this. I met a Chinese woman who sends her kid to 'Behaviour Classes'. I thought, what's wrong with you teaching your child about this?

Sep 27, 2017 07:38 Report Abuse



Nothing wrong with that? Only the fact that it is ILLEGAL, both here and in Western countries. Perhaps however now that you know it is wrong you might invest some time in learning proper classroom control measures. Or you could keep on taping naughty kids to their chairs, only one day to pick on the wrong kid and get arrested and booted out of China.

Oct 04, 2017 22:03 Report Abuse



Well this article is about China and Chinese teachers so not sure where your experiences in Thailand come in here. An autistic child? Really? You did that to an autistic child? All I can say is I'm sure glad I'm not a child in your classroom.

Nov 06, 2017 21:22 Report Abuse



its strange people are supporting illegal act. really ?

Oct 20, 2017 22:01 Report Abuse