Chinese Village Makes Giant QR Code From Trees

Chinese Village Makes Giant QR Code From Trees
Sep 18, 2017 By

A Chinese village has landscaped a giant QR code from trees in a bid to attract more visitors.

Source: Xinhua

Xilinshui village in China’s northern Hebei province created the code, which can be scanned from above, from 130,000 Chinese juniper trees.

Those who manage to scan the code with their smart phones, presumably from an airplane when flying overhead, will be connected to the village’s tourism account on WeChat.

How you can do this with your phone on flight mode though is anyone’s guess.

The SCMP reports that the design uses trees of between 80cm and 2.5 meters in height and measures 227 meters along each side.

Xilinshui received a RMB 1 million grant from the provincial government in 2015 for being the “most beautiful village in Hebei”.

Obviously they’re putting that money to good use.

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Your keyword on the article: "giant QR code" My keyword on the article: "northern Hebei"....everyone's dream travel destination.

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