Diners at a new breed of KFC store in Hangzhou, eastern China, now only need smile to pay for their food.

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The new “Smile to Pay” system utilizes facial recognition technology whereby customers simply smile at a screen and enter their phone number to checkout.

The Hangzhou fast food restaurant, called KPRO, is a KFC spin off aimed at tech savvy, health conscious youngsters.

The store is part of a drive by Yum China Holdings, the largest fast food chain in the China market, to connect with a new generation of customers.

Sales have been dented in recent years due to changing consumer tastes and a string of China food scares.

Instead of greasy fried chicken and chips, KPRO has a menu focused on made-to-order salads, seasonal produce, paninis, roasted chicken, fresh juice and craft beer.

The facial recognition technology is thanks to a tie up with Alibaba Group affiliate Ant Financial.

The use of the technology in a commercial settings is thought to be the first in the world.

The system uses a 3D camera and a “liveness detection algorithm” to weed out those trying to cheat the process by using photographers or videos of someone else.


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I love this new technology... We all need some happiness and smiles in our lives!

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