Mid Autumn Festival? More like Mid Winter Festival!

China’s state media has reported that several areas in northern China, including Beijing, were hit by snowfall in the last few days after a cold front spread across the country.

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Cities in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Ningxia, Gansy and Shaanxi saw the mercury drop to as low as -4 degrees Celsius over the weekend, with some areas seeing temperatures reduced by 12 degrees.

Haituo Mountain and Mentougou Mountain on the far reaches of Beijing also received a considerable dusting of white.

For comparison, Gansu Province would usually be bathing in temperatures of around 17 degrees at this time of year, while parts of China’s southern Hunan province sweltered at 36 degrees on Saturday.

The weekend’s snowfall is not the first of the year, however, as residents of the far western Xinjiang province saw a touch of the white stuff in early August.

The cold front is expected to creep south later this week, forcing temperatures down by as much as 16 degrees.

Time to dig out those moldy mittens! 

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snow fall is fun for kids and families.

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