Taser-Weilding Robo Cops Deployed for Beijing Crowd Control

Taser-Weilding Robo Cops Deployed for Beijing Crowd Control
Oct 13, 2017 By eChinacities.com

Robocops with the ability to scan faces, “sense danger” and even taser people have been deployed in Beijing to control crowds.

The 4ft 9ins droids, which look more like a vacuum cleaner than Hollywood’s humanoid Robocop, were rolled out at the National Museum over the Mid Autumn Festival, according to China Wire.

The robots look similar to the AnBot, which was released by China’s National Defence University last year.

The AnBot was used to assist passengers at Shenzhen Airport and Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

These bots can scan and identify faces, answer questions, track air quality, detect explosives, drugs and weapons, send images to real-life members or the security team and, if necessary, use their extendable electroshock arms to taser troublemakers.

Visitors to the National Museum during the holiday period found themselves instructed to “queue in an orderly fashion and cooperate with security inspections” and “do not push or shove”, by a rather dystopian male voice.

Researchers at the National University of Defence Technology say the bots will eventually be used to supplement and even replace human police presence in public places.

Skynet is watching you. That’s the correct reference, right? 

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