Xi Takes Prawns and Free Haircuts off Menu for 19th Party Congress

Xi Takes Prawns and Free Haircuts off Menu for 19th Party Congress
Oct 16, 2017 By eChinacities.com

China’s Communist Party Congress is going thrifty this year, announcing that prawns, free haircuts and in-room fruit are off the menu for delegates.

In a bid to tackle the extravagance among officials that’s often met with anger by regular Chinese folk, President Xi Jinping has told delegates not to expect the usual perks at the upcoming 19th Party Congress.

The twice-decade event is set to bring 2,287 delegates to Beijing this Wednesday and is expected to last about a week.

Wang Lilian, who is charged with providing hospitality at the congress, told China National Radio, “There won’t be any fruit put in rooms”.

“In addition, the restaurants will serve home-style food…, no sea cucumber or prawn or the like,” he added.

Wang went on to say that the usual free haircuts and beauty treatments are also out.

The move is part of Xi’s overall austerity drive, which features the “four dishes and one soup” campaign for modest meals.

One country, two systems. One belt, one road. Four dishes, one soup. There’s way too much math in this country for our liking. 

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Haircuts don't cost much.

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jaiyou China

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Maybe Xi just finally admitted that he needed to go on a diet.

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