A Slice of Beijing: Beijing’s Most Popular Pizza Joints

A Slice of Beijing: Beijing’s Most Popular Pizza Joints

It’s been a while since we have evaluated Beijing’s pizza scene, which has grown so much in the last few years that it is hard to remember the times that we were forced to eat terrible pizza. In fact, there are so many options right now that it is hard to tell which ones are the best. These are our eight top picks for fixing that pizza craving in Beijing.

1) Hutong PizzaView In Map

A favourite for foreigners, tourists, and locals in the area, Houhai based Hutong Pizza knows how to make a good pizza. At the same time, they are one of the best restaurants in the highly gentrified Houhai area. Their pizzas are square, come with a bunch of different toppings, and you can always request your own creation if you wish to do so. Hutong Pizza also delivers locally if you aren’t up for the trip, although if the weather is nice, a wander around the area is highly recommended to walk off that pizza. If you are just passing through, ask the staff where to go as they are friendly and will have advice on where to go for a walk in the area.

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Add: 9 Yindingqiao Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 8322 8916
Opening Hours: 11:00-22:30

2) Pizza+View In Map

Pizza Plus is sold by the slice or by the whole, and you can definitely taste that the pizza was made by a professional Italian pizza maker. Lots of different toppings are available; you can eat in, or get it delivered if you live within a 3km radius (to ensure the pizza stays fresh and hot) from the branch and spend over 50 RMB. The drink selection includes Italian beer, and desserts are also incredible; try the Tiramisu! There is also a branch out by Park Avenue.

Add: 112/115 Bojinghaoting, 8 Shizipo Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 6413 0991
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

3) La Pizza View In Map

Sanlitun and long-time favourite, La Pizza has been serving good pizza to the people of Beijing for a while now. They have a huge list of choices, and also serve up other Italian fare. Perfect for a dinner out with friends or as a family restaurant, as there is also a great wine selection and Italian beers, and the atmosphere is cozy.

Sanlitun Branch
Add: 1F, 3.3 Building, 33 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010 5136 5583
Opening Hours: 12:00-02:00

4) Annie’sView In Map

Especially good for those living nearby the stores, Annie’s delivers for free within a certain radius from each of their branches (minimum order depends on distance), perfect for those rainy days and when it starts becoming too cold to leave the house at night. The pizza is generously topped, and the prices are very reasonable. Annie’s also makes good salads, pastas and a range of other Italian dishes; check out their online menu.

Jianguo Branch
Add: SOHO, Block D, 88 Jianguo Lu, CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 8589 8366
Opening Hours: 10:30-23:00
Website: www.annies.com.cn/en/

5) Pizza ExpressView In Map

The popular British pizza chain came to Beijing a few months ago, and has been a hit. If you go on a weekend evening, make sure to ring up ahead or you may have to wait for a table, especially with the balcony closing for winter. The restaurant serves up the usual classic dough balls as starters, and for dessert with nutella, and offers an amazing range of pizza and pasta, perfect for a meal with friends, family, or just because. Especially good for Brits suffering from homesickness as the interior reminds one of home; unfortunately they do not participate in the good old Orange Wednesday promotion.

Add: S4-30, 3F, Taikooli, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 6417 6698
Opening Hours: 11:00-23:30
Website: www.bj.pizzaexpress.cn

6) Kro’s NestView In Map

Kro’s Nest serves huge, American-style pizza. The restaurant in Sanlitun is also big and as such, suitable for dining with a large group of friends. There are a lot of different types of pizza, including some Beijing novelties like Roast Peking Duck pizza. Other American-style snacks are also available, and there is a huge selection of alcohol including cocktails, draught beers and bottled beers. Delivery from Kro’s Nest is also available through various delivery services. Just make sure you have enough friends at home to share the pizza with.

Sanlitun Branch
Add: Courtyard 4, Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 8523 6655
Opening Hours: 10:00-24:00

7) Gung HoView In Map

Growing in popularity since the opening of their new store in Sanlitun, Gung Ho is a good option and popular with foreigners in Beijing. They also have special discounts depending on the day of the week (check them out on the website listed below), and they deliver too (within a certain range). You can even order online, super convenient for anyone who has ever tried to battle with pizza ordering over the phone in mediocre Chinese.

Sanlitun Branch
Add: 101, Building 3 China View, 2 Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 8587 1404
Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00
Website: http://gunghopizza.com/en/

8) Tube StationView In Map

Tube Station, the old favourite for pizza, has become less popular with foreigners as new pizza openings are on the rise, but is still worth a mention. Their pizzas are truly huge, and they make for an amazing sharing dinner with friends. The pizza here is American style, as is most of the other food on the menu. There is also no shortage of beer, and there are various locations throughout the city; check the website for more details.

Zhongguancun Branch
Add: 11 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 8857 1660
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00, Weekdays; 10:00-23:00, Weekends
Website: www.tubestation.com.cn

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