China’s New Laws on Employment of Foreign Recent Graduates

China’s New Laws on Employment of Foreign Recent Graduates
joyjitbarua Jul 11, 2017 18:48

China’s Ministry of Social Security and Human Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Education recently jointly promulgated new rules for new graduates from foreign countries without working experiences. These rules apply to foreign graduates who obtained their master’s degree or higher education in China and to foreign graduates who received advanced degrees from a well-recognized foreign institution (whatever that means). Those who meet either of the above qualifications must then meet the following additional qualifications to be eligible for China employment: have graduated within the past year, be over 18 years of age, have no criminal record have good grades (no lower than 80 out of 100 or B/B+) and no record of infractions during school be in good health have a specified employer and a position relevant to the job candidate’s field(s) of study hold a valid passport or any other valid travel document in lieu of a passport In addition, the candidate’s proposed salary cannot be lower than the local average salary. Once approved, the foreign employee can get a China Z work visa. The initial term of employment cannot exceed one year, but employment can then be renewed for subsequent terms of up to five years. Local labor authorities are expected to come up with specific measures and local standards in implementing these new rules. Those local standards likely will determine whether this new employment category will become a big deal or rarely be used.

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