5 of the Best Food & Drink Suppliers in China

5 of the Best Food & Drink Suppliers in China
Jun 25, 2019 By Cian Dineen , eChinacities.com

We’ve all got that particular food or drink that we just can’t live without. The one we’re willing to go the extra mile for or spend a little bit more on. In China, it can be especially hard to find our most treasured of home comforts. Fortunately, you’re not the only one who craves such delights. To help you find your foodie crutch, here are five of the best food and drink suppliers in China.

best food and drink suppliers in China
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Andy’s Craft Sausages

Great for: Sausages, Bacon
Based in: Beijing
Delivers: Nationwide
Website: beijingsausages.com
Guzzu store: andyscraft.guzzu.cn

I first came across Andy’s Craft Sausages at the Bionic Brew Electric City craft beer festival in Shenzhen. There were plenty of top food vendors there that day, but it was the sausage bun at Andy’s stall that I couldn’t stop thinking about afterwards. I was surprised to find that the company is actually based in Beijing, but relieved to discover that they deliver nationwide.

When it comes to sausages in China, Andy is your guy. With seven years’ experience in the industry, it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two. He makes several kinds of sausage, with favourites being the Andouille or Italian for those who like a bit of spice, and the Cumberland for those who are all about the classic English banger. Andy also makes two kinds of bacon, pork rinds, beef burgers, beef jerky and even cookies.

The company recently set up a Guzzu store for online ordering, offering next-day delivery all across China. So get online and give them a try, or, if you find yourself in Beijing, be sure to head down to Andy’s signature restaurant, 3 Little Pigs.

La Vaca Feliz

Great for: Fresh Cheese, Brazilian Snacks
Based in: Dongguan
Delivers: Nationwide
WeChat: yalishanda_SZ

One of the hardest things to find in China, especially away from first tier cities, is decent cheese. The smallest difference in how the cheese is made, stored and delivered can see it go from a fine goat cheese to a funky smelling mush. As a result, finding a reliable supplier of the good stuff in China is imperative for cheese monsters. Fortunately, La Vaca Feliz has you covered (in cheese).

Coming from a family of ice cream makers, Brazilian Alessandro started La Vaca Feliz with partner Lila three years ago. Their offerings include Fresco, Ricotta, Salado, Requeijão, Minas, Curado, Coalho, Mozzarella, Oaxaca and their own creation, simply called “Herbs”. They also make authentic Brazilian snacks such as Coxinha, Esfinhas and Pão de Queijo.

What makes La Vaca Feliz extra great is that all their cheeses are produced fresh each week at a nearby farm. Furthermore, Alessandro and Lila have worked closely with farms back in their native Sao Paulo to ensure they get the same great taste.

La Vaca Feliz can deliver within 24 hours in most cases, so get your cheese fix sorted today!

Alan’s World

Great for: Cornish Pasties, Pies, Cider
Based in: Dongguan
Delivers: Nationwide
WeChat: gh_a98392c25b7f

Alan’s World was established in 2014 by Alan, a man from Plymouth in southwest England, and YP, his Chinese partner. After moving to China for a few years, Alan started to crave the famous ciders and pastries of his home region.

Alan and YP promptly started importing Sandford Orchards cider and making their own Cornish pasties and English pies. Fast forward a few years and Alan’s World has established itself as one of the top suppliers for ciders and pies in China.

If you happen to be passing through Dongguan, be sure to stop by Alan’s World in Dongcheng district for their cracking Full English Breakfast or the Scone Set, the latter of which comes with real clotted cream, which I’ve yet to find anywhere else in China. The rest of us can order from their WeChat, with pies arriving in 1-2 days and cider in 3-5.

Mary’s Sweets

Great for: Cakes, Desserts, Cookies
Based in: Huizhou
Delivers: Nationwide
WeChat: marysweetsCH

Cakes represent much more than a bite of something sweet after a meal. They are a celebration, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, Christmas or Thanksgiving. They are part of our traditions and our memories. They remind us of home. Mary's Sweets is here to make sure you can have your cake and eat it, even in China!

Based in Huizhou, Mary has made a name for herself all over China. Having started out baking from home in 2016, she has now expanded to a big bakery with four full-time assistants. What’s more, every single one of the delicious homemade desserts contains no preservatives or stabilizers.

I won’t try to recount the long list of cakes on offer at Mary’s Sweets, but some of the most popular include Red Velvet Nutella, Ube Lecheflan and Gold Dusted Chocolate, while healthier options for vegans and diabetics include Dark Chocolate and Banana Carrot. They also make brownies such as the Rocky Road, and cookies including Oreo Cream Cheese, Choco Chip and Walnut Oatmeal.

Do yourself a favor, add Mary’s Sweets on WeChat and take a look through their moments. Then see if you can resist ordering something for yourself.

 Liquor Townu

Great for: Spirits
Based in: Shenzhen
Delivers: Nationwide
Website: liquortown.cn/en

We all have that favorite tipple, be it a certain type of whiskey, a particular vodka you like in your cocktails, or a liqueur you enjoy at parties. However, finding good imported spirits isn’t always so easy in China. Even when you think you’ve found them, you’re sometimes left wondering whether or not the alcohol is fake.

Enter Liquor Town, an online liquor supermarket based in Shenzhen that distributes all over China. The supermarket prides itself on their guarantee to serve only genuine, premium alcohol. In their own words, “No fake products. No refills. No tax dodges. No border smuggles from Hong Kong. Just genuine, authentic, legal alcohol.”

They’re competitive on pricing and often hold promotios, so it’s worth checking their website regularly to catch a bargain. And just like all the other F&B supplies on this list, Liquor Town delivers all over China. Bottoms up!

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