Chinese University Offers Course in Love and Relationships

Chinese University Offers Course in Love and Relationships
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A Chinese university has launched a course focused on love and relationships, attracting an overwhelming response from students. The Psychology of Love and Relationships program at the China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, is completely full in its first semester, with 600 lovelorn learners singing up for the on-campus course.

A further 11,000 — of which 90 percent are colleague students and 10 percent are members of the public — have also signed up for an online version of the syllabus. According to the university, 1.2 million people have visited a website to find information about the program.

The syllabus has been developed by professor Duan Xinxing and his team, who say relationship problems have a big impact on the mental well-being of university students. They believe that giving students more knowledge about the inner workings of relationships and equipping them with tools for troubleshooting could improve overall academic performance.

Topics covered on the course include long-distance relationships, sex, love at first sight and unrequited love. Students taking the course on campus will receive in-person training and be able to share their own experiences of love and relationships, the People’s Daily reports.

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