Foreign Students in China to be Allowed to Work Part-Time

Foreign Students in China to be Allowed to Work Part-Time
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Foreign students in China can now take part-time jobs on the side, according to a report in state media. China Daily, reports that the country’s education minister says the government has decided to sweeten the pot to tempt more international students to study in China.

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Up until now, foreign students have not legally been allowed to work while studying in China. Under the new scheme, foreigners studying in Beijing and Shanghai can now obtain off-campus part-time jobs and internships as long as they have obtained the requisite approval from both the university and the local entry and exit authorities.

An official from Renmin University welcomed the news, saying that more and more international students have been calling for the right to work and take internships during their studies. She added that it’s only natural they would want to take advantage of the country’s rapid development.

As if to stress the point, Australian student Thomas Linnette said, “China is growing quite fast, with new and innovative industries springing up every day. I want to seize this growth opportunity and grow with China.”

Wang Huiyao, the director of Beijing-based independent think tank the Center for China and Globalization, said expanding work options for students will be a good thing for China’s development.

"Foreign employees can give domestic enterprises an advantage as they expand overseas, plus it's only logical that these graduates want to put into practice what they have learned," he said.

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It's really nice at least it will be more supportive

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wow! this is a good news.when is this policy commencing?

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Hello, Does this still only apply to Beijing and Shanghai? I am in Wuhan City, Hubei Province and would wish to find a part-time job. Kindly guide me before I ignorantly miss an opportunity or engage my Supervisor. Thank you

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Hello, may I know where can I find the official source for this news? Thank you.

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