Work Off that Qingdao Beer Belly with our Best Gyms in Qingdao Guide

Work Off that Qingdao Beer Belly with our Best Gyms in Qingdao Guide

With all the rivers of beer and scores of seafood, it can be pretty easy to put on a few extra pounds whilst living in Qingdao. Despite being a pretty hilly city and having a sea to swim in, most of the locals prefer to shed that extra bit of weight working up a sweat in the comfort of one of the local gyms. If you’re worried that your beer belly or fish-fuelled flab is getting a bit out of hand, then why not join the locals and head down to a nearby gym. As with any city in China however, Qingdao has got more than its fair share of amenities to suit the needs of the health conscious, so if you’re looking to get it in shape or build up some muscle, take a look at our guide to the best gyms in Qingdao.      

1) Quanmin Fitness CenterView In Map
Quanmin Fitness Center (全民健身中心) has got it all: There’s an eight lane swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts, ping pong courts, and of course a well-equipped gym to work up a sweat in. With its large selection of modern facilities, Quanmin can possibly claim to be the most comprehensive fitness center in Qingdao, but we’ll leave that out to the jury. If you feel that all of the above activities are a bit strenuous, you can even enjoy the more relaxing pursuit of swimming – you can subscribe and get a year card, a six month card, or get a card with a limited amount of visits.    

Add: 88 Zhoukou Lu, Sifang District, Qingdao
Price: 1588 RMB (yearly swimming membership), 988 RMB (six month swimming membership), 900 RMB (60 swims card), 30 RMB (single swim)
Tel: 0532 8093 6128/8093 6118
Opening hours: 9:00-21:00
Getting there: take bus 20, 229 (环线), 310, 310 (环线), 326, 365, or 410 (环线) to Kangju Gongyu Station (康居公寓站)

2) Impulse Total Fitness Club (Xianggang Lu Branch)View In Map
Impulse Total Fitness Club (英派斯健身俱乐部) is a pretty high-end establishment (the gym even has carpets!) that has over 80 branches across the whole country, with four located in Qingdao alone. The well-equipped Xianggang Lu branch features a swimming pool, squash courts, and a fantastic array of weight machines and cardio facilities to get the blood pumping. Impulse recently got a makeover so all the dated equipment has been replaced with top end stuff.    

Add: 67 Xianggang Lu, Laoshan District, Qingdao
Tel:0532 8801 0199
Price: 4800 RMB (yearly membership), 800 RMB (monthly membership), 100 RMB (single trip)
Opening hours: 8:00-22:00
Getting there: take bus 102, 104, 110, 125, 301, 304, 311 (专), 321, 382, or 403 (环线), 501, or 632 to Wangjia Maidao Station (王家麦岛站)

3) 52 Fitness Club (Liqun Shopping Center Branch)View In Map
Also like Quanmin, 52 Fitness Club (52健身俱乐部) is a well known name across the city with four branches currently in Qingdao. This particular branch is located on the fourth floor of the Liqun Shopping Center (利群购物广场). Although it may not be as big as the others, 52 still offers ample machines and rooms for you to indulge in all kinds of weight-shedding activities. The interior of the club has a reputation for being clean and modern, and thus attracts a lot of people on a daily basis. If you’re interested, the fitness club also offers yoga sessions, Latin dance classes, belly dancing, and boxing among a whole programme of events to get involved in. What are you waiting for!     

Add: Fourth Floor, Sifang Liqun, 1 Chongqing Nanlu, Sifang District, Qingdao
Price: 1380 RMB (yearly membership), 800 RMB (six month membership), 68 RMB (single trip)
Tel: 0532 8373 1230
Opening hours: 9:00-21:00
Getting there: take bus 1, 30, 126, 209, 229 (环线), 302, 309, 319 (环线), 362, 366, 367, 373 (专线), 378, 602, 761, or 765 to Xiaocunzhuang Station (小村庄站)

4) Tera Wellness Club (Maikaile Branch)View In Map
Tera Wellness Club (一兆韦德健身) is yet another well established fitness brand that operates in 16 different cities in China. Tera is fully equipped with all the latest international-branded fitness machines and facilities, and has a whole host of different classes such as boxing and kung fu to get you pumping. Some have qualms about the fact that the locker room is on the second floor, though it makes the trip to the locker room all that more worthwhile on the fitness front!   

Add: Floor 8, Maikaile Head Office, 69 Xianggang Lu, Shibei District, Qingdao
Price: 2800 RMB (yearly membership)
Tel: 0532 6670 0800
Opening hours: 10:00-21:30
Getting there: take bus 222, 309, 369, 374, or 801 to Shucheng Station (书城站)

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