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Impatience In Chinese Culture Featured

hadleyj09  Apr 26, 2015 Comments(4)

Impatience is bred in Chinese culture If you looked at my other blogs, you will see that I am very positive about China. It’s a decent place. However, as I have stated in the past, there are things I like and don’t like about China. One thing in particular is the high amount of impatience that in bred within the Chinese culture. What ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 5 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 23, 2015

"You are crazy" this is the most frequent comment I receive from my friends in reaction to my weekly updates. And vice versa. Actually, at some point we started having those ‘arguments’ over whose craziness levels were higher, but there is nothing negative or judgmental about it. ’You think I am crazy but that’s not ... Read More>>

Dental affair

Hamzakhan  Apr 22, 2015 Comments(1)

So i had a tooth ache and it would be my first time to visit a dentist in China, which prompted me to search for locations online. Google didn't help much, rather made the situation more complicated with all the horror stories floating around on the internet. Asking experienced people made me even more anxious, as by judging from their stories ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 4

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 22, 2015

Before anyone says anything about my choice of topic for this episode – yes, I do realize it is about money again. Money and China, to be exact. But well, whether you like it or not, the truth is that you won’t pay your bills with love (well, maybe in some places it would be feasible, but I bet not everyone is so fond of this kind of ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 3

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 21, 2015

If you maybe by any chance remember Episode 2, I was brutally honest in saying that in modern China, an ugly Ogre , even with the purest heart, would never be able to marry BAI FU MEI –ish ( Chinese ideal of a woman) princess, because BAI FU MEI is supposed to be reserved strictly for the GAO FU SHUAI – the ultimately privileged male ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 1 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 20, 2015 Comments(1)

To help me start this piece, I asked my workmate Matt – almost a New Yorker - to give me some examples of American slang that you would never find in an ESL textbook. He said that he uses so much slang, it’s difficult to choose just one. EXACTLY, Matt, thank you - you helped me by default here! I’ll break it to you now: ... Read More>>

Found in translation episode 2 Featured

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 20, 2015 Comments(4)

Before some ‘hipster’ cartoons like Shrek became popular, aiming to teach kids that beauty is only skin deep and a rich princess would rather give up her luster and wealth to marry rude and ugly ogre, most of people born in their 80s got a little brainwashed by Disney productions. In practice that means we learned more or less ... Read More>>

Importance of Language – Why Learning a Second Language is Important

mubashir30  Apr 18, 2015 Comments(1)

The importance of language is essential to every aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. We use language to inform the people around us of what we feel, what we desire, and question/understand the world around us. We communicate effectively with our words, gestures, and tone of voice in a multitude of situation. Would you talk to a small ... Read More>>

Install Wifi at home

BeatYu  Apr 17, 2015 Comments(3)

Hi guys and girls We are all coming here for a reason: Job, girl/guy, just for fun or anything else. But if we intend to stay longer here ofcourse we need to find a flat and install wifi there. If you are having a flat outside of a tier 1 city you should better have an extra agreement with the company you set up the wifi for at home otherwise it ... Read More>>

Tianhe, Booming CBD

Jennifer_geng  Apr 17, 2015 Comments(2)

Today I'd like to talk with you about the CBD of Guangzhou. LOCATED in eastern part of Guangzhou , Tianhe District is the geographical centre of the city. It covers an area of about 139 square kilometres, with a population of 1.2 million. Starting from Tianhe, through convenient and fast road and rail transportation, you can easily reach the new ... Read More>>

Found in Translation Episode 17

ShanghaiCityGirl  Apr 16, 2015 Comments(2)

Tea – the 5000-year-old staple of Chinese culture. Engine of economic development. Embodiment of the spirit of civilization, and the spirit of Chinese ideological form. Since 2737 BCE, when first discovered by the legendary Chinese emperor Shennong, it has gained popularity in its various types, colors and smells. Tea, or maybe its ... Read More>>

Things you don't know about Chinese!

Jennifer_geng  Apr 15, 2015 Comments(3)

Today I’d like to talk with you about a language ---Chinese, which is a magical language. You know that in the world Chinese is one of the few ideograhic language, but you can also read it with the help of the syllable. In Chinese the syllable is a Chinese character and it is usually made up of an initial, a final and a tone. The tone ... Read More>>

Ready for a Change!

rantz90  Apr 14, 2015 Comments(2)

I've been here in China for about 2 years now and I've been loving it! I've been here with my girlfriend and we have experienced so much culture and live changing expeditions. Beijing has been a great city to call home for this time and has wonderful to work and play in. Our escapades beyond Beijing have been equally fulfilling. We've journeyed ... Read More>>

Zen and the Art of Kitesurfing (Hainan Island)

kitesurfchina  Apr 14, 2015 Comments(2)

How long have you been looking at your phone today? How many times did you look away from the person you were speaking to, so as to direct your attention back to your device? How are you reading this article now, on your computer, iPad, or phone? Aren’t we all looking for a little bit more engagement, a little more connectivity? ... Read More>>

What I Learnt About China After Getting My A$$ Beat by a Group of Chinese Guys

kasuka91  Apr 08, 2015 Comments(8)

In a nation where female mates are in dangerously short supply among men who want for, but are unable to find stable, secure work, in the wake of an economy which may be on the verge of de-industrialisation, it was all beginning to make sense, I was finally beginning to understand why I had been handed such a brutal ass-kicking that night. It ... Read More>>

Being Black in China...yup Featured

hadleyj09  Apr 05, 2015 Comments(8)

Being Black in China Well….yup….here we go. So what’s it like to be black in China? Is it crazy? Do you get treated badly? Do you become super famous here? Yes and no…To start, being black in China is just about the same as being white. We are all foreigners in China and we are all….not Chinese. We all have to ... Read More>>

My Bus Ride Today

rainiersales  Mar 30, 2015 Comments(2)

I took the bus a while ago to go to the office, I always take the bus to the office. There were lots of people and it was raining, but I got a seat at the back because I get on it near where the bus starts so at that time there were not much people yet. I got a seat near the aisle 2 rows at the back near the door. In the middle of the trip near ... Read More>>

My Teaching English experience in Thailand and Cambodia

samantizo47  Mar 27, 2015 Comments(1)

The thought of teaching English never hit my mind until i got stranded for money in Bangkok. The next thing that hit my mind was okay let me go to a bar or restuarant where there is loads of people, really i felt lost and stranded but since i always trave l alone it really was nothing big to fear. I go into this bar and guess what i start ... Read More>>

Impressions of China (a newcomer perspective of my first day) Featured

MarcD  Mar 21, 2015 Comments(1)

It has come to my attention that some people have recounted their tales of first arriving in China, some positive, some not so positive on this site. I thought I could give my own account and opinions on my first day in China, read it if you'd like. Part 1: The Flight (Or the time I forgot my luggage) Everyone has their own horror stories of ... Read More>>

Obtain a Chinese Passport and Visa

masalan  Mar 13, 2015 Comments(1)

PassportOneGo to you're the nearest Chinese embassy or other institution authorized to approach Chinese passports. You can also visit a bookstore to obtain a Chinese travel guide to get a list of Chinese embassies by nation along with the contact details for each embassy.TwoGet in touch with your nearest authorized institution--such as a ... Read More>>

Laoshi! Laoshi! Featured

stephd1986  Mar 10, 2015 Comments(27)

So having now been living and working in Wuhan for the past five months there are certain aspects to this teaching malarkey that I have now become accustomed to; when before they nearly had me running for the hills of Tibet! The first aspect that has taken me some getting used to has to be the decibels that the students are able to produce on a ... Read More>>

Restaurant patrons pay the price for being foreign

Jonlaoshi  Feb 26, 2015 Comments(4)

Restaurant patrons pay the price for being foreign FOREIGN tourists visiting restaurants in Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, a popular attraction in Shanghai, are being charged up to three times the price charged to Chinese for the same dishes, it has been revealed. Many restaurants in the water town are overcharging foreigners by giving them English ... Read More>>

Speaking A New Language Means Creating A New Personality

adamhorton  Feb 03, 2015 Comments(3)

I was recently with a British born Chinese friend at a Chinese social networking event and after meeting with several different people speaking with some in English and some in Mandarin Chinese, and some in Cantonese he told me something rather intriguing. He said that he felt the language, tone of voice and behaviour he expressed in English, ... Read More>>

First day in China Featured

roroneill  Jan 20, 2015 Comments(24)

I arrived in Shanghai's Pudong Airport in late August wearing too many clothes, carrying too much luggage and with two hours too many ahead of me on the metro. I stood on the train in a sweaty daze trying not to take up too much room with my many bags and my long Western body. I looked around and everyone around looked at me. The first thing ... Read More>>

Writing Characters is Fun

mandarin_garden  Jan 12, 2015 Comments(1)

When I first studied mandarin we were taught not to learn how to write because it was too time consuming. They didn’t tell us that it was because we were being experimented on. Learning to write characters is identical to learning to read music. If you take away the abstract learning which is learning to write the entire learning process ... Read More>>

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