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1 .How can I post my resume online?

To do this, you first need to register an account. In the jobs section you will see a link in the top of your user center to 'My Resume'->‘Create Resume’ an online resume. The next screen is a brief introduction, with a large box saying ‘Create Online Resume’ – click it! After that, you just need to complete a form and wham, you are done.


2 .Why should I post my resume online?

If you want a job, why not? eChinacities is fast becoming the place to find new jobs in China, which means employers are paying close attention. The question should not be why, but when. The answer - right now.

3 .How can I update or delete my resume?

First enter your resume page by clicking on "My Resume". You will see a tab called "Update "– click that to do the update. Although there is no option to delete, users can keep their resume private (Private button) so that it is not seen by recruiters. The 'Private' button can be found at the top of the resume page.

4 .Why has my resume been hidden?

We don't allow users to include their personal contact information in the text of their resumes, nor do we accept messily written content. If you have already amended this, please contact our customer service team at

5 .Why should I use the job referral services?

e)The customer service team receives many requests for candidate referral from the long list of recruiters who use the eChinacities job platform. Our recruiting consultants will forward your profile information to client recruiters when we see that your profile fits the requirements set out by the recruiters. Subscribing to eChinacities job referral service takes only a couple of minutes and is free of charge.

6 .How can I post a job ad? Is it free?

To post a job ad, you first need to register a company account. In the jobs section you will see a link in the top right of the page to ‘Post Jobs’. Free members can post 1 free job ad per day, 2 per week and 4 per month for the first month, and can only post 1 free job ad per month starting second month. To extend this limit, there are also paid memberships available.

7 .How can I apply for a job I am interested in?

g)First you should click on the job you are in as you will then see a large button saying ‘Apply for the job.’ This will drop you down the page so that you can access a simple form, which is all you need to apply. Add your name, email address, upload your resume, write a cover letter, then sit back and wait for the reply. Just don’t write anything silly!

8 .Do I need to register to apply for a job?

You need to register, as only registered users are able to create their own online resumes and apply for jobs.

9 .Why can’t I see the advertiser’s email directly in the job ad?

Everyone needs some element of privacy, even big businesses. Don’t worry, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean our wonderful form won’t work. Simply complete the application through our website and relax.

10 .How will my application be delivered to the advertiser?

By email. We keep all the email addresses private, but we use them to pass on your application.

11 .Why can’t I send my resume out?

When you attach your resume to the application form, make sure it is smaller than 300kb. The best way to achieve this is to focus on a text resume like those made in word, with a small photo included in the file if you want to stand out.

12 .How can I judge whether an ad is a scam or not?

Use your brain as much as possible. Having said that, few scammers bother trying to write adverts for a fictional job. Just make sure to meet all companies at their office or at least in a public place