Pushing the job ad up to increase visibility of the job ad and attract more job seekers to apply.
Setting auto-refresh to make recruiting more effectively.

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Pros No. 1 No more ad refreshing limit
You can now refresh ad multiple times a day manually to make the ad more visible and recruiting more effective.
Pros No. 2 Scheduled ad auto-refreshing
You can scheduled the ad auto-refreshing without doing it after work.
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This feature is only available to the VIP member at moment. Please purchase a VIP member first if you are not a VIP member yet.

Common questions

Here are some common questions related to ad refreshing to help you understand the product. You may also contact the eChinacities customer service team at 010-53518678 ext. 803 to get help.

QWhy should I refresh job ad?
QHow many times I can refresh job ads a day?
QWhere do I refresh the job ad?
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